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Shopping with Confidence

Angela Lordan - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recent reports in the media are suggesting online shopping can be unsafe.  We work closely with our web development company ensuring that our customers details are transferred to us safely and just as importantly, not saved in our database.
The details are received through a highly encrypted database. 
If you have any concerns about purchasing online, please give us a call and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.

Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News

Angela Lordan - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News‎.  Queensland flood pet options RNA showgrounds have lots of space!! Can take all pets including horses!! Only 2 dogs and 3 cats in showgrounds they can hold 1000s cages are cleaned and ready to go if you think your going to flood take yourself and ur pets to the RNA

Like to this page on Facebook to keep informed Australian Horse Welfare and Rescue News‎

Finally, a great saddle on the market for our children

Angela Lordan - Friday, November 19, 2010
Recently our children started Pony Club. Yes John could make them a saddle but with the waiting list for saddles continuously growing, they didn't stand a chance of getting him to make them one for quite some time!  So the challenge was on to find them a saddle that lived up to our high standards. 

Our main priorities were that the saddle was safe and fitted the girls as well as the ponies.  John can't stress enough to his clients how important it is for beginner riders to be sitting in a saddle that allows them to ride in a correct postion and move freely.  Comfort is crucial and safety is a must. 
The new Tekna range of pony saddles are fantastic.  Although not leather, they are made from a breathable material that requires minimal maintenance.  These pony saddles provide perfect balance on the horse letting our children ride with confidence. 

They are available in brown, black and pink, with a choice of a suede or smooth seat.  Monkey grip is a standard and the kid's can carry them with ease as they are lighweight and easily mounted.  Another feature is the adjustable knee rolls to ensure a secure fit.

The Tekna range is in stock now...come and see for yourself how great they are or give us a call if you would like to discuss any of the features in more detail.

Christmas Catalogue Out Now

Angela Lordan - Monday, November 08, 2010
Dowmload our latest catalogue for some great gift ideas
Christmas Catalogue 2010

Lone Star Hats

Angela Lordan - Monday, October 25, 2010
Lordan's Saddlery are pleased to annouce we are now stocking Lone Star Hats. 

John has been on the hunt for quite some time now to find a quality hat that is comfortable and affordable.  The range inlcudes premium straw, palm leaf,  felts and childrens hats starting as low as $30.

View our Lone Star Hats now.

Is your saddle hurting your horse?

Angela Lordan - Friday, October 22, 2010

The video below displays some signifcant signs that your saddle may be hurting your horse

Founder, Preventions and Treatments

Angela Lordan - Monday, October 11, 2010
Founder is a common and very painful condition affecting the feet of horses.  Known technically as laminitis, founder occurs when there is inflammation of the laminae (folds of tissue connectingthe pedal bone to the hoof).  When there is inflammation and subsequently degeneration (as is seen in an interruption to the blood supply) of the laminae, laminitis results. The damage may be so severe that the pedal bone is no longer supported within the hoof and rotates toward and sometimes through the sole.

Whilst the exact mechanisms that cause laminitis are yet to be determined, many causes have been identified, ironically they often begin at locations and organs well away from the hooves. The classical case of founder involves an overweight pony
(complete with cresty neck) with a good appetite and access to lush pasture.

Access to excessive amounts of pasture, hay, grain or pelleted feed is the most common cause of founder.
Other known causes include blood poisoning following any systemic infection, severe cases of colic or enteritis,
trauma to the soles of the hooves, ingestion of large amounts of cold water, retained placenta following foaling (particularly in shire breeds), excessive weight bearing on one limb. A sudden onset of founder is referred in veterinary terms as acute laminitis. This condition is considered potentially life threatening and thus a medical emergency. A horse that has suffered a previous episode of founder is more susceptible to a future attack. Ongoing low grade laminitis is often referred to as chronic founder.

Founder can occur in one or all limbs, generally however both forelimbs are most commonly affected.  The foundered horse is reluctant to move, and often leans back in an attempt to take weight off the front of the hooves. The pain is such that the horse often prefers to lay down. There is generally a palpable increase in the pulse to the hooves, pain on compression of the sole and often the horse’s weight is shifted from one limb to the other.

As soon as a horse is suspected of having foundered Veterinary attention or advice should be sought. There are many treatments available. The most important initially is to remove or treat the cause. This may involve dietary restrictions and removal of any other relevant factors.  Common ongoing treatment often consists of Anti -inflammatory medication. It is also vital that corrective farriery be employed as specialised trimming and shoeing is often necessary.
Moving the affected horse to a sandy type ground surface is often more comfortable, providing direct support to the sole with products including special pads, Styrofoam supports or acrylic compounds over the sole are recommended.  There are a vast number of products on the market, some of them have been proven to be useful, however many are
untested. It is therefore important to seek specialist veterinary advice before administering any treatments or supplements.

Founder can literally result in a horse being killed with kindness.  By paying attention to the following basic husbandry points many cases of founder can be prevented:
• Well balanced, appropriate diet. Restrict access to excessive feed intake. Commercial vitamin/mineral supplements and some hay should be fed even if strict feed restriction is necessary
• Regular exercise, this can involve riding, lunging or leading.
• Monitoring of body condition and weight. An obvious sign of weight gain is increased fat cover and enlarged neck crest. Reduce feed intake beforeexcessive weight gains. 
• If the risk of founder occurring (or recurring) is high, consider adding a founder preventative agent to the feed. Seek veterinary advice for further information
• Ensure regular farrier visits and hoof care. This may necessitate feeding a supplement to enhance healthy hoof growth and hoof dressing.
• Avoid access to unaccustomed pasture, hay , grain or commercial feed pellets. Call immediately for veterinary treatment if “binge eating” of such hard feed occurs. Any change in diet should be instituted gradually.

Source http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au